Friday, 9 January 2009

Welcome to hell

Well, here I am, bloodied but unbowed.

We got down 2 bosses in the end - Anub'rekan and the Grand Widow.

Many wipes on Anub - I think about 12, including one heartbreaker at 2%. I initially had some real problems with the kite - I would start running as soon as the cast animation began, but would still accrue multiple ticks of the debuff which just couldn't be healed through. After a while we changed it and I intervened on my healer using a macro - this was much better, but required me to kite the boss on the inside of the slime ring rather than the outside, and there were countless occasions where I lost people to the locust swarm who were standing too far over. Getting Anub made me remember how good raiding can be - I don't care that Naxx is supposed to be super easy - we had some newbie raiders, some undergeared people, and 5 of us (including me) had never seen Naxx before.

Widow was fun - was totally chaotic with people ignoring instructions and killing adds all over the place. The first time we ran out of worshippers at 75% (!!!). The second we ran out of worshippers at 20-25% and she immediately nuked our MT down. I'd been (badly) offtanking the adds, so I taunted her, slammed on shield wall, then as that ran down used shield block and last stand + enraged regen. Once that all ran out (25 seconds) I called for spam healing from the healers. She went down nicely and we didn't lose anyone else.

Can't wait to go back.

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