Sunday, 25 January 2009


Got asked to join a Naxx10 group last night. A very messy run - we started at 4horsemen (continuing from a previous night), and almost everyone was new to this boss encounter. We wiped 4 times and gave up, much to my disappointment - the first two wipes were due to a bad setup for the two caster bosses, while the last two were comedy wipes caused by a new healer who was running her first ever instance and was frankly pissed.

Ho hum.

Then we one shotted Noth and tried Heigan and it all went off the rails again. I disconnected during the Noth encounter for a couple of seconds, and then disconnected regularly for the rest of the night. I just could not stay online. I have no idea why - this is the third time that this has happened, each time it's happened in an instance and then WoW has been unplayable for the rest of the night. It isn't a connection problem for me, since I can still reboot and then surf the web, but every time I try to load warcraft I disconnect.

Soooo frustrating! It wouldn't be so bad if it happened outside an instance, but as a tank if it happens then you sit there looking at the loading screen knowing that 9 other people are tearing their hair out. Bah, stupid game.

PS My connection was fine today. Ran UK and UP heroics. Still no bloody sword - that's five tries now. Assuming a 25% drop rate (whatever wowhead says there are four epics on his loot table and he drops one of them) then the probability of running the instance five times and not getting the sword is 3x3x3x3x3/4x4x4x4x4 = 243/1024. Ie about 25%. I am officially unlucky. 15 more badges for my T7 chest.

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