Sunday, 11 January 2009

Have courage.

I'm always quite cautious when it comes to doing new content - I'm always really worried that I will let the group down, and so get quite stressed about learning the instance beforehand, bringing consumables, making sure my gear is high quality and enchanted etc. I find that this has got worse as a tank, since if the healer can't keep me up then the instance is a non-starter.

This is why I've been farming heroics so hard recently - to make sure I have the best gear going into Naxx that I can. This is starting to pay off, and there only two ways I can improve my gear via instance drops are now bracers and weapon. The epic bracers drop from the Old Kingdom (which I have never done) and the oh-so-desirable Red Sword of Courage drops in Utgarde Pinnacle heroic, which I did for the first time last night.

I'd avoided UP heroic because I'd heard it was very tough. I was wrong. It is very easy, apart from the last two bosses. We AoE'd down the trash, with me often tanking four melee mobs at once and rarely going below 75%. Our dps was poor - with me second on the charts, but it was absolutely fine - even on the third boss, once I'd worked out that we had to rush the end as fast as possible then we had no problems. I'm now going to run this instance until I get the sword. It will be mine. Oh yes.

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