Monday, 26 January 2009

How to stay sharp

Most of what Veneratio has to say is worthwhile reading. Here's an old post from 15 months ago or thereabouts

It doesn't all still apply of course - AoE tanking in particular is much easier now, although even I remember the old days of Shattered Halls before glyphs and damage shield (but not the old old days when thunderclap couldn't be used in defensive stance).

The one thing that leaps out for me from here is to pull quickly. If you set a challenging pace for your group then they have to stay focussed and they don't have time to go and get a coffee, or to get bored. Nothing kills the hungry mood of a group than waiting for 2 minutes between pulls for the puller to chat to his mates in /g.

Keep an eye on healer mana though eh? And if the warlock has just lifetapped his way to full mana he's unlikely to be too happy about you pulling if the mobs do AoE.

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