Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tidyplates fix

Like many of you, I use the Tidyplates addon when tanking as it makes it very easy to see who you have aggro on and who you need to taunt back. It's excellent. Since the 4.01 patch however it's been broken because of the issue of overlapping nameplates - rather than staying next to the mobs they represent, the nameplates wander around the screen when tanking large packs, which makes the addon pretty much unusable.

The problem appears to be due to changes Blizzard made to the default UI, and I've discovered that entering the command

/console spreadnameplates 0

should fix the problem. I'll check this later when I get home.

If you don't use Tidyplates, here is Kadomi's review some time back.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shameless recruitment post

This is a post that Griffinheart (one of my officers) put on our forums front page. As you can see, my guild is recruiting - we have loads of great dps but are seeking a couple of tanks and healers to round out our raiding teams. In WotLK we killed everything on normal mode and most things on heroic - culminating in our Frostwyrm mounts from ICC. If you are interested there's a link to our forums on this page - cross-server apps would be very welcome.

"After a bumpy year and, eventually, a split, Immortal is bent on reinventing itself. A core of adult players who have been playing together for almost five years is seeking to shoot new blood into its veins, with its sight set on the imminent Cataclysm.

Our intention is to reopen the doors of our guild and to turn it again into a suitable platform to enjoy the upcoming expansion, in an attempt to reconcile both the raiding and the social aspects of the game. Mind you, we are not recruiting as such; we only would like to add some more like-minded individuals to our particular roster of characters.

What remains of Immortal is a set of around 25 players from very diverse countries, all 18+, many of us actually 30+. Most of us have jobs (or had), better halves, mortgages, children and a nasty set of real life problems from which we like to take a break two or three days a week by killing stuff for a couple of hours or three. Even though we have very different schedules, all of us have been making the time for years to spend some hours together every week, to enjoy the special atmosphere Immortal has traditionally enjoyed during its existence.

Our targets for Cataclysm are still in great part to be decided, but all things are pointing towards a 10-man raiding guild running 2-3 teams, with at least one of them aiming to cover the whole nine yards for every raid dungeon: hard modes, meta-achievements, penguins… the whole shebang. If we manage to actually run two top-notch teams, we will consider the jump to 25-man raiding again, as it has been a guild constant since Vanilla. Many of us are experienced players with a hunger for blood and power, and will go to shameful extents in order to inexorably and ruthlessly achieve our goals: going on sick leave for a couple of days to practice tactics, or peeing in buckets next to our PCs to save AFK time (mental note: make sure my push-to-talk option is enabled on Teamspeak next time). Other than that, we are normal people.

We currently run two teams in ICC 10: one of them made of mains, running 2-3 evenings a week and just two blue dragon kills away from the Glory of the Raider achievement; the other one is made of alts and raids whenever we get the critical mass and minimum balance for it. Generally speaking, anyone with a real craving for raids has several chances every week to kick some (mostly) undead arses.

So, this is us. We are looking forward to having a lot of real fun in Cataclysm, and to share it with anyone weird enough to feel at home here –just like we do. If you are a decent human being with a passion for raiding or hanging out in World of Warcraft, and the strange gut-feeling that you could fit in Immortal, do not hesitate and post an application on our forums.

We are dying (really often) to meet you!"