Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh ye of little faith...

We had our second night of Naxx yesterday.

I rotate the leading of the raid with a friend of mine (a holy paladin), and he wanted to do Maexxna first. I am at heart a bossy control freak, one of those guys who insists on explaining everything to everyone and attending these raids as someone other than the leader is a little difficult for me. I recognise that if I try to take over all the time I will just piss people off, so despite some misgivings over whether we would be able to take down Maex I held my tongue and we gave her a shot.

It went well in the end - we wiped about 5 times, pretty much all on the enrage. Most of the wipes were I think because I was positioning the boss badly, and we were losing people to the cocoon because they were too far away to rescue in time. On our ultimately successful attempt the boss positioning was better and despite going 2 web wraps into the enrage, they were able to keep me up. I'd heard that a second web wrap is usually fatal, but I used shield wall for the first (she was hitting me for 4k max), and all my regen cooldowns for the second (plus having 2 HoTs on me). We got two pally healing items, which is excellent news because once our pally is geared up he'll be a really really good healer.

We then took on Noth and, to my delight, one-shotted him. I was tanking the adds, which was fairly straightforward, although the AoE mobs caused problems during the second teleport phase. We had a real "uh-oh" moment on the last curse, as both of our more reliable mages were dead (to the AoE), and our most junior mage was the sole decurser. Since a missed decurse would have meant a wipe, I was halfway to headbutting the screen in frustration when I saw that he'd decursed flawlessly, and we then proceeded to kill the boss. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling. I had a second warm and fuzzy feeling a moment later whent the boss dropped the tank boots for me.

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