Friday, 16 January 2009

Gear list

I've been making a list of what gear I still need to upgrade to epic. I figured I'd post it here because then I won't lose it. I've neglected Malygos for now, since that is a long way off for me.

Shoulders - There are some BoE epic shoulders which I could buy for about a bajillion gold. I won't be doing that, so I'll be interested in the shoulders which drop from Patchwerk, or the T7 shoulders which can be acquired from Loetheb.

Chest - The T7 piece from the Four Horsemen (or badges), or the drop from Sapphiron

Cloak - Sartharion drops a decent epic cloak, or there is a crafted cloak which has no defence on it and so I will probably avoid.

Bracers - Hmmm, this is where I start to struggle. There is a set that drop from trash in Naxx (I remember waiting for a year for the shadowpriest necklace that dropped from trash in Karazhan. It finally dropped when I was raiding on an alt...). I won't hold my breath for this. The alternative is a 25% drop from the last boss in Old Kingdom heroic. That's it.

Weapon - Red Sword of Loveliness from UP Heroic or the Slayer of the Lifeless from Gothik. Since the latter was "foretold by Salzman" it is much cooler, and so I'll go for that one if possible.

Ranged weapon - There's a gun that's crafted by enchanters. Not aware of anything else. I've got the rare thrown weapon with +defence on it, and there are no other upgrades.

Ring - Both Anub'rekan and Sartharion drop tanking rings. I already have one epic ring.

Trinket - There are epic tanking trinkets that drop in Naxx10 (two of them I think - will need to check) and a badge trinket. I'm pretty happy with my trinkets at present, and can't spare the badges for the epic one. I will not bother too much here, unless something drops for me.

So outside raids I need to focus on badges (another 40 will get me the T7 chest), and Old Kingdom and UP heroics. These two instances have a chance of getting me the last pieces of epic gear available. I also need to take my Naxx run to Sartharion when I get chance, as that bad boy seems to have two items on his loot table that he is literally dying to give me. Some light questing should get me the 1200g that the crafted gun sells for on the AH (or failing that I know an engineer who should be able to make it).

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