Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The last couple of 10 man raids I've been picked as dps rather than a tank. It happens that I'm leading the raid on Friday and was chatting last night to the guy who's been picked as tank instead of me. I mentioned to him that I was going to select myself as a tank instead on Friday, so he might want to sign for one of the other 10 man raids instead. But then I thought about it. And thought about it some more. And I realised that I would be gimping my raid team really badly by going on Friday's raid as a tank.

I can only raid once a week at the moment, but our team raids twice. So for the second raid we need to ensure that there is a skilled and geared second tank available. I can best serve my raid team by making a permanent switch to dps, and grabbing this other guy to be a fixed tank for the team. I'm much easier to replace if I am a dpser.

So that's what I've done - I'm now fury main spec. It hurt to change, especially since I've worked so hard on my tanking gear, but there it is - life is full of difficult compromises.

So what to do now? Well I want to be the best dps warrior that I can be. My fury gear has up to now been offspec only, and so is a real mixed bag (I still have ilevel 200 and 219 items, for example). I pull about 5-6k single target, which is not really anywhere near good enough. I need to practice my rotations, sort out my spec, start grabbing the frost emblem gear when available, and get the crafted gear made. If my gear score will always lag behind my raid mates (because they do 25s and have access to full ilevel 264 gear) I need to ensure that my knowledge of the class and the encounters and (crikey!) my gaming ability will be enough to bridge the gap.

In short over the next two weeks I want to:

- Get the ilevel 264 boots crafted (this will require me to make another 2k gold or thereabouts from the AH)

- Get the ilevel 245 braces crafted (Landsoul's spreadsheet says these are better than the ICC10 loot)

- Spend my frost emblems on some T10 - probably the shoulders

- Try to get in an ICC25 pug to grab the two handed axe from the first boss

Time to get started.

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  1. I'm in a similar but different situation, my new guild is requiring me to up my fury gear in order to be a tank in their main 25 man. In the past, in guilds that I led, I was prot/prot for the most part. Really didn't find myself using the second prot spec but also wasn't too concerned with getting my fury gear up to par. Well I scored some loot from ICC10 and started farming triumph badges again to fill in the blanks. Spent about 4k upgrading to epic gems and berserking enchants on my citidel claymores. I am trying to get into a pug Ony or something where I can really test my sustained dps on a single target, as I've been getting my practice in heroics.

    I've also toyed with the idea of going permafury, but I don't think I could leave tanking by the wayside, not after all these years. I think I'll just stay specced warrior.