Thursday, 25 March 2010


This blog started out with lots of posts about "what I'm doing", and while the focus has changed a bit I think it's good to put down here where I'm at in ICC at the moment.

Since I downed the Prof a couple of weeks back I've been to a couple of raids. My team raids twice a week, and I generally go to the first of those raids. We've been extending the raid lock, which is great, and both of the raids I've been on have been learning nights. In each case the boss went down in the second raid. This is frustrating from an achievement perspective, but hey I'm seeing the fights, having fun and, most importantly, Not Sucking At DPS which is good.

So I've been wiping on Blood Princes and Dreamwalker basically. Both times on the learning night we got very very close. I think 5% on Princes, and 98% on Dreamwalker (and the Dreamwalker wipe was a real sickener as our rogue accidentally clicked on the healer portal halfway through the fight and caused one of our healers to lose his stack of +heal buffs).

From a dps perspective I was near the top on Dreamwalker, which is hardly surprising because it's a multi-target fight. I put points into "heroic fury" to help with movement on that fight, and it's a real bonus to have intercept available more often.

On Blood Princes it was harder, since the knockback really makes the fight annoying for melee. My damage done was very high however, because I am good at not standing within 10 yards of people when the boss casts empowered vortex. I therefore survive longer than people who have not yet developed this key skill, and do more damage overall as a result. You can't outgear that!

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