Wednesday, 31 March 2010


It's amazing how much raid buffs can affect fury warrior dps. My typical raid composition is

Prot pally
Prot/ret pally (he's ret for single tank fights, which is Dreamwalker and BQL so far)
Holy priest x2
Resto/elemental shaman
Elemental shaman
Combat rogue
Survival Hunter
Arcane/fire mage
Fury warrior

You will note the buffs I am lacking are

Melee haste - Frost DK
Minor speed - Moonkin/Ret pally
Attack power multiplier - Enhancment shammy/Blood DK/MM Hunter
Bleed debuff - Arms warrior/Feral Druid

In addition, the strength of earth totem we get is not talented.

According to the simulation in Landsoul's spreadsheet, the lack of these buffs reduces my theoretical maximum dps by 1,100, or around 15%. That's a massive difference. I wonder if other classes are so reliant on such a wide variety of buffs to do reasonable dps.

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