Monday, 8 March 2010

It came from the PUG

Why do I hate PUG raids? Let me count the ways:

1) The delays

Why does it take so long for 25 people to arrive at the instance, get into the right spec and click yes to a ready check? Last night we had a new boss to fight - the instance reset boss. Some cretin spoke to King Wrynn and turned off the +5% buff in ICC, so we had to get everyone out of the instance and reset it. It took about 20 minutes of constant raid warnings. They were standing right by the instance entrance too.

2) The buff police

"OMG I NEED BOM FFS" No you don't. You don't need it. Your dps is shit, it will still be shit with BOM. Just shut up and get on with your job and we will redo paladin buffs before the boss.

3) The loot drama

Wodin's Lucky Necklace dropped from trash last night and 20 people hit need on it. By sheer fluke it went to a dps warrior for whom it was an upgrade (not me - I passed). Since it has agi on it we had two hunters leave because they refused to believe that it's a great dps warrior item. We also had whining on /ra for the rest of the raid.

PUG raids turn everyone into a ninja.

4) The cascade of quitters

You wipe. One person leaves without a word. Then a second. The assumption grows that the raid is over and all of a sudden half your raid leaves.

Why do they do this? It took 45 minutes to put the raid together and you could find one or two new members easily. If people would just wait for 5 minutes then the raid could continue. Because they all leave as a kind of knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction, they've wasted 45 minutes of their time - how is that efficient?

5) Gearscore e-peen

If you have good gear score then make the hell sure that your performance lives up to it, or shut the hell up. People with 5.6k gearscore who bitch about "carrying noobs" and then pull 4k dps really really annoy me. It's ok to be shit, but don't be shit and superior.

Yes, I had an annoying PUG last night. How could you tell?

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