Monday, 22 March 2010


Since I am now a dps warrior, I had to change my professions. Inscription will stay since that's still useful, but herbalism had to go as it has no dps benefit at all. I therefore have spent the last few days and several thousand gold levelling jewelcrafting.

Impressions - the period up to 300 is absolutely painful. There were simply not enough gems and ore on the AH for me to do it without farming, so I had to run around on a mining alt farming ores for several hours. Seeing the only Azerothian Diamonds on the AH listed for 20g each was very depressing. From 350 onwards though it was cake - I had lots of cobalt and saronite ore saved up from levelling an alt, and being exalted with all the northrend factions meant that I could immediately pick up rare recipes. The last 20 or 30 skillpoints will (if my gems on the AH sell) actually end up making me a few hundred gold in profit, rather than costing a few hundred gold.

I need to find my feet a bit with the new skill, but the daily quest and currency system is interesting - reminiscent of the excellent cooking quests (which are one of the minor successes of this expansion I think). I should have my first Bold Dragon's Eye gem tonight, for a total increase in strength of 14x3=42 when all three are socketed.

It's quite a large investment for about 110 attack power (or 75 dps at my gear level) but that's what raiding is all about - working hard on your gear (grumble), and hopefully I can make the gold back through buying and selling gems.

On the gold making front - prices (and therefore profits) continue to rise for glyphs, although I note that one of my fellow glyph sellers seems to undercut me pretty regularly and quite quickly after I post, so I am making less money overall. I guess I am on his friends list. I will have to combat this by getting my bank alt to post (which is just annoying tbh). Having JC as an alternative source of money will be useful.


  1. Instead of strength you might see a better DPS yield from stacking and gemming straight armor penetration.

  2. You could be right - Landsoul's dps spreadsheet says that replacing a single strength gem with armour pen results in a dps loss for me. I have not tried replacing all my strength gems with armour pen as yet (I haven't the heart to do it), but when gem prices crash this week I will be buying up all the epic red gems that I can get my sticky hands on, so it will be a good opportunity to try it out.

  3. Replacing a single gem would most likely result in a DPS loss! It's the way armor works. Think back to tanking (years ago right?), the more armor you stack, the less % damage reduction you get per point on your character sheet. The same works in reverse for ArP. The more you stack, the better each point is than the one before it, so take the spreadsheet and replace all of them and see what it comes up with.

  4. Tried it today. Replacing all my str gems with arp is still an overall loss in dps, according to the simulation. Guess I'll come back when I have better gear!