Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ulduar raid 3

As I'd hoped, the new strategy on XT-002 was much better. Right away we were getting him to 50% and below, and despite the usual silly wipes we eventually got him after I think around 10 tries.

I was offtanking the adds and generally trying to stay alive without needing the dpsers to help me. I think I ended up tanking 5 adds on my own, of which I (slowly) killed one. The four I had left eventually nuked me down, but by that stage the boss was at about 100k health, and despite people dropping like ninepins (including our bear MT) we got him. The buzz was amazing - the best feeling I've had from warcraft in months. I've been thinking about this raid all week, planning, worrying and anticipating. To have it pay off with a first kill was awesome.
Then we tried Razorscale, only to find the fight bugged with no adds spawning in phase 1. So the only challenge in the fight was the tanking and dps race in phase 2, which we one-shotted. It felt like we'd almost been cheated of the kill to be honest, as there was much less challenge than normal (phase 1 is basically the whole fight, and to have everyone alive and with full health and mana in phase 2 was just tremendous). Nevertheless, the loot will help, and you don't pass up a kill when it is handed to you I guess.
Still - a great raid.

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