Thursday, 16 April 2009


I'm an officer in my guild. I'm in a bit of an unusual position, since I am the only non-raiding officer. This means I am rarely able to sign for 25-person raids at the guild's scheduled times. Instead I run 10 man stuff on the side which starts a bit later on.

I was asked to become an officer a couple of years back, and basically I do the crappy jobs - telling people off when they step out of line, dealing with recruitment admin, and trying to stop arguments.

We had our first loot argument of the expansion the other day - over the Legendary mace which drops in Ulduar. Because this mace doesn't drop from a particular boss and needs to be earned over time by collecting shards and completing quests we decided that we would give priority to one person first, so that this person gets all the shards until they have a complete mace. We selected the person who gets the first shard by rolling, on the basis that if we made it a dkp bid then healers might hoard their dkp for the mace quest item, rather than gearing up naturally through the dungeon. The winner of the roll will get all shards until we have the full item, so we get a mace in the raids as soon as possible. The question to be resolved was who we allowed to roll.

There was an argument about who "deserves" to roll, and it was quite a large one, by historical standards. We haven't had a serious loot argument since I think BT, so it was good to be back.

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