Thursday, 9 April 2009


I have another crack at Malygos tonight.

Haven't been raiding much recently due to real life stuff and just bad luck (the nights when I've been free to raid there is a 25 man raid booked an hour before I can reasonably get home from work and everyone is doing that instead, for example), so am looking forward to it unreasonably. There is so much I still want to do in the game (Sarth + drakes 10 man) and I'm running out of time to do it before Ulduar hits, so tonight is important.

I ran Old Kingdom heroic last night, for another crack at the epic tanking bracers that drop from the last boss - I've been wearing an epic dps bracer with strength, stamina, hit and expertise, which is a nice threat generator and so not completely unsuitable, but it will not cut it in Ulduar. No joy, and in fact we had a number of wipes, two of which were my fault (I pulled two pats on one occasion, and lost an add on the first boss who killed our healer). I felt quite depressed about this, as I always do I when I make mistakes. And then the bracers didn't drop again.

That won't cut it tonight. We have a paladin healer and a holy priest (and one to find), so we are short on snap healing, and we have no DK for the sparks. I need to be on the ball, and if I am not on my game then the raid will not work. Must do better. Must do better. I sometimes miss the old days of dpsing, where so much didn't depend on me playing well.

Oh, and I resolved the bracer issue by getting drunk and transferring 2k gold from one of my alts, which I used to buy the BoE Emblem of Valor tanking bracers. A successful (kinda) end to the evening.

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