Monday, 27 April 2009

Emalon - tips

Tried Emalon the new Vault boss yesterday. No kill, but we were learning fast and got him to 15% with a melee heavy group before my daughter had a screaming fit and I had to go and deal with her.

Some tanking tips

- Main tank - the boss was hitting me for around 11k. Not too fast either - melee dps should not be an issue. Tank him on the right hand side of the room as you enter. The boss casts the AoE that does more damage the closer you are to him. The range is not huge and there is a cast time. I wonder whether or not if you have an intervene macro and you are fast enough you could intervene on a healer to avoid most of this damage, then charge the boss straight afterwards to reposition him.

- Offtank - the offtank role is critical and the hardest in the encounter. The four mobs hit for around 4k each, 7k when enraged. BRING BLOCK GEAR. I was getting 75%+ additional mitigation from block. For this reason, warriors and paladins are ideal for offtanking the adds. Also, the adds cast a nature damage spell which can be reflected. Keep spell reflect up whenever possible, and if the MT has improved spell reflect, and you are in the same group, then you can reflect a high percentage of their magical attacks.

The pull is difficult without a hunter - with a hunter mark all four adds and have the right hand pair misdirected onto you. Pull the left two with heroic throw and taunt.

Tank the adds on the left hand side. If the boss is positioned right against the wall on the right you don't have to be all the way over.

When the boss enrages an add the mob's buff will show up. Cycle quickly through all four mobs, calling out the one that has the buff over vent. Focus on this one until it is dead. A new mob will spawn - taunt it (vigilance on the MT helps here) and mark it with the same mark that the dead mob had. For this reason the OT needs to be raidleader or raid assistant.

We got the boss to 15% on our best try, before losing a dpser to the AoE (arms warriors should presumably charge to get out of the AoE) and then failing the dps race on the add. He's definitely doable though.

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