Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Return of the King

The raid went ok in the end. On the previous visit they'd only cleared four bosses for some reason that was never adequately explained, so we started with Heigan, cleared the rest of the Plague Wing, then the Construct Wing, then Razuvious, then called it a night.

Highlight - for the first time ever I didn't die to the Heigan dance (the first attempt everyone else died due to a lag spike and he then meleed me down, we got him second time). I was tankng both times, which was fine.

I picked up a few new epics - a 2h mace for my dps set (I think I'll go with an arms pvp/pve spec when dual spec hits, assuming the dps is reasonable), T7 leggings to replace those I got from VH heroic and complete my 2 piece set bonus, and (most excellently) the +defence trinket from Thaddius.

I now only have one non-epic item - the Essence of Gossamer. I have 39 badges - one short of the number I need to be able to afford the Valor Medal of the First War, but I'm not sure I will take it. +122 stamina (with kings) seems better to me than the avoidance benefit provided by the valor medal, particularly with all this magic damage flying around at the moment. In my ilevel 200 epic gear I have just over 28k health unbuffed, which to me does not seem high enough to start swapping out EH for avoidance. I will probably use my badges to buy some epic dps gear, or to get the T7 gloves which inexplicably I do not seem to have.

Oh, and my hand was pretty painful, but with booze and painkillers it seemed to be ok. I guess raiding is back on for me.

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