Monday, 23 March 2009


I can't normally attend the guild's 25 man raids because they tend to be scheduled at difficult times for me - either I can't get home from work in time, or it's during the day at the weekend and I can't justify setting aside four hours.

So I was minding my own business in Icecrown yesterday, when I got called into our Sartharion 25 man raid as extra dps since the signups were low - although in reality I helped out on the adds, since my dps is pitiful. My first ever Sartharion raid (I've just never got round to him before) in either 10 or 25 man turned out to be a two drake run, which we completed after one wipe. It's quite a fun and chaotic fight with 2 drakes up, although I can see it would be a little dull with just Sarth to fight alone. I got hit by the lava a few times, which was annoying, but I think I contributed a bit in terms of picking up loose adds.

It was pretty embarrassing to see the "Emblem of Valor" achievement pop up in gchat when I looted the fire drake though...

Karma was restored when two good tanking items dropped, but with zero dkp (we only use dkp for 25 man content) I was unable to bid and had to watch both go to a holy paladin for his offspec set for minimum bids.

Later in the evening I went to Malygos 10 for the first time. As expected, this was fairly easy for two phases (although we had huge dps which helped) - phase 1 is a tank and spank with the only complexity being to position the boss away from the spawning adds, phase 2 is running-between-safe-zones-and-nuking-adds. The damage I was taking from the dragon breath was quite high, but the healers mainly seemed to have it under control - although I did have to blow a couple of cooldowns to survive on occasion. Even on the first attempt where a spark got to the boss and he got the damage buff, I did not go down (last stand > trinket > enraged regen > soil trousers).

Phase 3 took a couple of tries to understand the mechanics, but once we adopted a "group up" strategy and assigned dedicated healers, we took the boss down on the third try.

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