Friday, 27 March 2009

Return fixture

Had a second try at Malygos last night. No kill this time though. Here are some of my thoughts (post copied from guild forum):

Our problem was not P3. We only made P3 once, and we were very close to the enrage timer so we went with 2 healers (me and [shammy]). Everyone else was dpsing (using 1 and 2 only, with fire shield when focussed).

This worked fine - we lost [pally] pretty early (it was his first attempt on P3), but still had six or seven people up when he enraged. We were at about 20% at the time I think. DPS seemed to slacken off in P3 as it went on, but I'm not sure whether that was the exponential effect of losing people (since you have 2 healers and 1 person shielding themselves from the surge, you only have max seven dpsers at any time, so a loss of the first person is a 14% fall in dps, the loss of the second is a 16% fall, the loss of the third is a 20% fall etc), or whether people were disobeying orders and healing themselves.

We wiped twice in P2 due to incoming raid damage (usually those tossers on the discs all deciding to target one person at the same time). I've specced into improved spell reflection now so that should mitigate that slightly, as well as letting me do about 1,500dps to the floaty devils by just standing there.

Our main problem however was critically that we could not get through P1 reliably. We had two wipes due to overaggroing dpsers (probably due to the sparks). We had two wipes due to sparks getting to the boss and him nuking me down. We had about 5 wipes due to people dying in the vortex. By the end of the night we had the vortex down and weren't losing people in it, by [feral] and [shadowpriest1] helping with hots. I think I need to work a lot harder on boss positioning. We were very melee heavy, which made positioning critical, and I think I can do better there to help the melee get the sparks down more easily and to get the buff. There is however a conflict between the need for me to maximise dps, and the need for me to move about and position the boss properly. I need to work harder here too, but I have some ideas which might help for next time.

Our dps was perhaps a little low - the last time I did Malygos we had [uberlock] and [ubershadowpriest] there putting out over 3k each ([uberlock] was nearly 4k) and [shadowpriest1] I think at 2.8k. Last night we had [shadowpriest1] at 2.8k, then a gap, and everyone else 2k to 2.2k. This is fine for the boss I think, but puts more pressure on a perfect execution and with people learning the fight we didn't have much chance of perfect execution, particularly in P3.

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