Wednesday, 25 March 2009

"At 15.57 it became self aware. In the panic, Skynet try to pull the plug."

I read a few different blogs. This is a recent post from Yakra

In this spirit of this blog, I will report for all to see the reasons why I wiped the raid twice last night. It was my second time tanking 4H in Naxx. I am tanking Rivendare (the chap who starts on the right). We stack all our dps on the other side hoping to zerg the left hand side boss down first. We are a little fuzzy about what will happen when the boss gets to low health but we have three stacks of the debuff up (mistake number 1, or M1) - but it is decided that raidleader will call it as he sees it.

Attempt one - we get the left hand boss down to about 10% before the first switch, raidleader calls for the swap, and so we swap bosses and I take over. Over the next thirty seconds I get the boss down to around 30k health at which point I have four marks on me. No call to swap comes from the raidleader (M2) , so I assume (M3) that the raidleader wants me to keep going and try to take him down without a potentially tricky tank swap. My dps is not great so this takes a while and in the interim the other tank then dies due to having about 5 marks on him, and we wipe. It turns out that the raidleader was assuming we would swap without him having to tell us to.

Attempt two - We are clearer that we will always swap at three marks. On the first tank swap I mess up (due to Rivendare filling the screen) and click on the wrong mob (M4) . I end up retaunting Rivendare off the other tank (d'oh!) and then finish with about 8 marks total on me during the tank swap. The other tank then dies. At this point something bad starts to happen at the back of the room and the raid starts getting that unpleasant shadow cast thing, which means a wipe and partially (?) conceals my error.

Things to learn

1) Don't be an idiot and click on the wrong mob.

2) Make your strategy very clear at the outset.

3) Focus.

4) Be aware of what is happening around you.

5) Prepare yourself mentally for the fight, run through the phases in your mind and pinpoint the times in the fight when you will have to have to make critical decisions. Try to plan these decisions ("If X happens then I will do Y, but if not then I will keep doing Z").

6) Don't be an idiot and click on the wrong mob.

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