Tuesday, 17 March 2009


In preparation for tonight's Naxx run I did Gun'drak heroic last night to see how my hand held up.

The instance itself went ok, although a month without playing and my dim recollection of the bosses' abilities (I'd only been there once before) caused a few problems - there was a wipe on the second boss because I'd forgotton that there was a threat wipe at the phase transitions and was slow taunting, my dps was poor all night because I wasn't heroic striking enough, and I couldn't remember whether you were supposed to run away from the rhino boss when he whirlwinds so just stood there and ate it with a cooldown each time.

Otherwise it was fine and we cleared the instance in 40 minutes. My hand was pretty sore afterwards so I think I'll need painkillers tonight, but I should be ok. Fights like Gothik where I have to be mobile and pick up adds will be annoying, but otherwise I should be able to do my job.

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