Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"They come to me with progress reports..."

We've been banging our head against a brick wall with Freya+3 for a couple of weeks now. The fight is really tough to handle with the random elements and the amount of control needed.

We started with the idea of one tank, which is fine but the amount of incoming damage is very high, particularly on the Ancient Conservator phases. There is also a problem on the three-add phases in that the tank has to put sufficient threat on each of the three targets to hold aggro against single target (rather than AoE) dps. The Snaplasher also hits for about 12k when fully buffed and I've been gibbed for 28k in 0.1 seconds before when he and Freya attack together.

So we've gone with two tanks (which was a bit of a battering for my ego, but there it is) and refined our plan to the following:
- OT (paladin) picks up all three adds
- OT concentrates his attacks on the Snaplasher
- Split dps between Stormlasher and Water Spirit, except for a Frost mage who stays on the Snappy.
- I (tanking Freya) stand about 25 yards from the OT, and taunt the Snappy off him after about 6 seconds, then follow up with heroic throw to get a threat lead.
- The OT moves the remaining mobs slightly away from the Snappy, in case he roots next to the OT
- Hopefully the Snappy will be rooted before it reaches me.
- We then bring the other two mobs to about 15%, then switch to the Snappy and burst it down hard
- We then go back the other two and finish them off.

This is what we'll try next time. Will see how it goes.

The detonating lashers we are also struggling with, and have never yet succeeded in doing them without losing someone. We've been trying a complex strategy involving clever frost novas and traps, but never quite worked out. I think the answer must be taking another healer and using the old tactic of AoEing them down to 10-20% then bursting them one at a time. Will see how it goes.

(by the way, the title of the post is a reference to the excellent "Altered Carbon" by Richard Morgan. The line is part of a poem, with the next being: "...but all I see is change and bodies burnt")

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