Tuesday, 22 September 2009


World events are kind of a drag. They add interest certainly, and give the illusion of a constantly changing world, but to make the achievements and rewards accessable to everyone there is quite a "grindy" feel to most of them and so I don't bother. The titles are sometimes nice though - "Hallowed" and "Pilgrim" particularly.

Brewfest however is a little different this year. Partly because I am going to Oktoberfest in Germany next weekend, and so it kind of gets me in the mood. Mainly however because the Dark Iron boss in BRD drops two stamina trinkets.

The walk to BRD is brilliant nostalgia, remembering UBRS, BWL, MC and other acronyms from long ago. I remember doing BRD endlessly at 60 for one of the libram enchants (I forget which) and for fire resistance gear for the Ragnaros fight in MC. I saw someone fall off the chain into the lava on my way to the instance, which made me Very Happy. There is a little teleporter near the entrance to the instance that takes you straight to the bar, meaning you don't have to get lost for two hours because you can't remember the way. You can fight the boss five times and he drops one ilevel 200 epic each time which cannot be disenchanted and is unique.

The trinkets each have a massive +170 stamina, and an "on use" effect which is useless. Either of them is still miles better than the Essence of Gossamer though, and probably better than the Black Heart. My trinket strategy is to have one stamina trinket and one "on use" trinket" which I can macro into a mini cooldown with Lifeblood, a health pot and Shield Block. I use the Furnace Stone as the second trinket at the moment, since the armour effect is excellent.

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