Monday, 7 September 2009


Our first raid of the full Coliseum instance saw all five bosses cleared in under an hour. Not much to say really. It's all such a let down after Ulduar.

The beasts encounter has some crazy tank damage, but is essentially tank and spank x3. Jaraxxus is better - a little more to do. Faction champs is really fun and different. Twins is a pretty fight let down by extreme easiness. Anub'arak has some well thought out elements, and is the only proper raid boss in the instance.

Ho hum. Got the big bug anyway and a shiny new sword:

Then we headed for Ulduar and blasted Thorim and his missus in the hard mode. The other tank and I got our taunting wrong a couple of times, for some reason it seemed to behave very strangely and switch back occasionally after the fixate debuff wore off. Nevertheless, we got a kill. Freya and Mmmmmimiron left...

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  1. One hour clear, you're right, there's something sad about that.