Monday, 7 September 2009

Random musings on the Northrend Beasts encounter

Some thoughts on tanking the Northrend Beasts encounter below. Since everyone has done it now I won't post a strategy or anything, just some random points.

- Gormok actually hits quite hard. He can be disarmed. The first tank needs to call for a taunt at three stacks of impale, then each tank taunts back after that when their impale debuff wears off.

- The worms aggro wipe each time they swap over. Make sure you /focus on your worm to help you pick it up after each phase otherwise both tanks will end up on one mob.

- Icehowl hits reasonably hard. Particularly worrying is his wonderfully-named Ferocious Butt ability, which hits you for 22k or so and stuns you. Because you are stunned you will not avoid (or are very unlikely to avoid, since he can still miss you I think) the next melee swing, so you have 35k of damage coming your way within no more than 3 seconds. This means that you need to be above 80% health at all times. If you are a human you can use your built-in PvP trinket to escape the stun, which will give you a chance of avoiding or blocking the following melee swing.

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