Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I've been thinking a bit more about last night at YS.

I wonder perhaps if one of my failings as a leader is my unwillingness to trust my raid members to do the difficult things right. Last night I tried to make a strategy for P1 which meant that 6 out of the 10 members did not have to dodge the green clouds in the encounter. We grouped up at the entrance, and I tanked the mobs as they spawned, marking each one for a kill. The 3 melee fighters burned the mob down to about 40-50%, then my fellow tank taunted it and dragged it to the centre where the ranged dpsers finished it off.

This sounds simple, but was complex to execute and gave us two problems. Firstly, and critically, it was time consuming. DPS had to stop on the mob for several seconds while it was dragged to the centre - sometimes it started too early (often combined with the mob stopping chasing the tank in order to cast a shadow volley), and sometimes the clouds made it very difficult for the tank to run back to the centre and so the DPS gap stretched to several seconds. Secondly, because the time pressure was so high (we could *only just* keep up with mob numbers assuming perfect execution) any touching of clouds by the tank, 2 ranged dpsers or their healer was fatal. Those times we did make it to P2 we generally had about 4 mobs still alive, which is just too many.

One of my other failings as a leader is that when things are not going well I have a tendency to stick with the plan and try to execute it better than to make drastic changes on the fly. For this reason we've historically had good second raids after a bad first raid (XT002 comes immediately to mind).

Watching videos and reflecting on last night, I think a better strategy for next time will be to position the melee and the two tanks as near to Sara as can be managed, and ask ranged and healers to stay close to the inner ring of the arena, dodging clouds and moving always clockwise if they need to. We can then have uninterrupted dps on the mobs at all times and should be able to bring them down very fast. If we touch a cloud it should be recoverable because the mob will die quickly. It placces great reliance on the ability of my team, but perhaps I need to stop being such a control freak and trust the people I am gaming with for once.

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  1. We tried to do the "door" method for about an hour but it was obvious that the time it takes to take the mob from the door to sara was time we just didn't have and the mobs stacked up too high.

    The best and pretty much ONLY method for p1 is for everyone to be cloud dodging and dpsing.

    As long as the dps is high don't worry too much about interupting.

    Its a one tank fight.

    We usually take who has been to the least amount of raids HOWEVER for p2 and brain room it is vital that you have 3 melee dps to go into the brain room, ranged dps just take too long.
    3 melee and the tank in the brain room.

    While this is happening the ranged MUST crack open the whoopass on the tentacles in the room, ranged on the crusher tentacles and get the MT to whack them once or twice when possible.
    The melee dps have to get the corruptor tentacles and its EVERYONES job to nuke the constrictors asap.
    for p2, stay in a group and nuke down in the order as above.
    In p2, its VERY important that the brain room exposes the brain asap, this is because when the illusion shatters the tentacles outside are stunned and therefore dont cast fear, grab people, reduce dmg by20% etc etc.

    When p2 is about to end, MAKE SURE the tank is not in the brain room, the tank needs to be outside ready to tank the adds, there is NO time between p2 and p3.

    p3 is fairly simple, dps the adds then thorim kills them, we did it with ranged dps on the adds and melee killing yogg, there is plenty of time so if the adds are going down too slow switch some melee dps to clear them.

    Good Luck!
    Linmao - Quel'Thalas EU
    Knights Of Ni