Friday, 7 August 2009

Mimiron down!

We used the new raid ID extension to start with Mimiron in Ulduar this week. We then got the bastard after 5 or 6 tries, including one heartbreaker P4 wipe where at 1% on the last of the three body parts the other two regenerated.

I was "dpsing" in P1 and P2, and then chain taunting the head and tanking adds in P3. In P4 I tanked the head and dpsed the middle section.

It seems that (at least in P4) the head does not drop aggro. I made the head my focus target, expecting to have to chain taunt it, but it stayed on me pretty much the whole time. This I think made a bid difference, as straight away we stopped losing ranged to the plasma gun that the head uses.

It's a brilliant fight, so well conceived, and the thought that's been put into it is excellent. The boss then proceeded to drop my T8 token mean that (at last) I have the 2 piece bonus. I've killed Thorim and Hodir several times and never seen the "Protector" token, so here's hoping for some luck there too.

Vezax seems doable, and once you've got into the rhythm of the interrupts it comes quite naturally. I shield walled through the first damage burst phase and tried to kite him on the second but he just ran after me and caught me up. I'm not sure what I did wrong tbh - I positioned him beforehand so that I could move very quickly, but it didn't help at all. More research needed therefore. I thought about trying Last Stand, Engraged Regen and my trinkets, but didn't think it would work. Some homework to do now therefore.


  1. Gz on mimiron, the first kill is a total panic and when he finally goes down its a great feeling.

    The way we deal with vezax is to use some kind of dmg reduction cooldown on every surge of darkness.
    And then to keep those cooldowns up on a rotation like basis.

    For vezax is a warrior MT, you will find it VERY useful to spec into the imp shield wall, and get the glyphs of last stand and shield wall.

    After that, use the cooldowns in your raid for every surge, so it looks something like -

    1st surge - shield wall
    2nd surge - pain supression
    3rd surge - Guardian Spirit
    4th surge - shield wall (should be back up)

    Keep rotating it like that, and with the need to not move kite the boss around your ranged and healers will have a much easier job positioning themselves for the vapors etc.

    Good Luck!

  2. I have no idea why I said "For vezax is a warrior MT" that makes no sense, what I meant is -

    "as a warrior MT"

  3. We had a conversation about damage reduction cooldowns in our (10 man) group. It emerged that the only such cooldown available was Hand of Sacrifice, and our healadin was quite conservative and unwilling to try it out. Pain suppression would be brilliant if available, but it's unlikely to be an option for us. I do run with 2 min shield wall, so I would have thought that this would be available every other surge rather than for every third surge - is that right?

    My strategy for next time will be as follows - first I alternate Shield Wall and Last Stand/Enraged Regen, with healers burning a CD when I am Last Standing. Second (if that fails) seek a raid cooldown if available. Third kite him using intervene (macro'd) and an experimental raid layout that I worked out while quite drunk last night. Will give it a go next week...