Thursday, 6 August 2009

Spell reflect

I love spell reflect. There, I've said it.

I know its rubbish most of the time as a PvE tank, but I don't care. I think it's a really fun ability which is occasionally quite useful. Unfortunately, it's generally only useful on trash as most boss abilities cannot be reflected.

Here is a list of some stuff that I can remember that it's possible to reflect, in no particular order:

- The centaur trash mobs near Freya that do a cone AoE. You can reflect the AoE including the DoT, doing about 15k damage to the mob.
- One of the diseases that Ymiron does in UP heroic. Sadly it is instant cast however so you have to be lucky.
- The Emalon adds' static charge. Instant again however.
- The explosion when the detonating lashers die in the Freya encounter.
- I'm pretty sure that the tunnel Acolytes on the Thorim encounter do a smite that can be reflected.
- The lightning bolts from the caster trolls in the second half of DTK heroic.
- The void sentries with the voidwalker boss in VH heroic.
- Most crucially - the chaps on the discs in P2 of Malygos. This can save a wipe if you have Improved Spell Reflect.

I'm looking forward to the Champions of the Horde encounter in the Coliseum. I fully expect all of the horde challengers' direct spells to be reflectable, and I'll be very disappointed if they aren't.

The very worst thing about spell reflect is that it's virtually impossible to build a decent tanking spec that has both improved spell reflect and deep wounds. Spell reflect really comes alive when you can save your party's bacon too (especially on Malygos) and it becomes a genuinely useful ability for preventing healer and dps deaths on trash where even the puny trash can one-shot a clothie.

It makes my spec choice even harder sadly.

(Been away on hols - hence the lack of posting. 3.2 impressions so far - grumpy about the emblem changes but it's probably for the best, the Coliseum is too small and unexciting, good changes to warrior tanking, brilliant change to raid lockout)


  1. Check out Yakra's spec, I really like the look of it and am going to respec to it asap.

    It would appear I cannot paste links, so just go to american armory and search for Yakra.


  3. Will check it out - thanks.

    Also (by the way) the caster trash before Vezax can have most of their spells reflected. I generally tank all three since they can be stunned too...