Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Siege of Ulduar clear!

Two hours of wipes on Ignis produced a first kill and the first wing of Ulduar cleared!
We initially tried the "cheese it" strategy of tanking him in the water, offtanking the adds, and burning him down. Eventually however the offtank (me) would get killed, or the damage to the raid would get too high. We then experimented with tanking him partly in the water and partly out of it, but we still had problems - sometimes there wouldn't be a scorch patch up so we would get two adds, or sometimes I had to run so far to get to the flame patch I was out of range of the healers. Eventually we laid down patches in a big circle, and he went down first try.
Stuff to remember:
- Once you get two adds up, unless you have a third tank up to help with the melting, you may be better to just burn him. We killed I think 5 or 6 adds with me and a mage (dps DK backup nuker when the mage was potted), but then when one of the brittle golems wasn't killed in time, I just offtanked all the remaining golems at that stage (he was at about 45% then I think).
- Oh yeah - designate a backup nuker in advance - my mage nuker keept getting potted...
- Don't bother with scorching the water - although it sounds better it generally isn't because it messes with your flame patch placement.
- Watch the aggro wipe with the golems melt. Save concussion blow to grab aggro and run away for the water. Follow up with heroic throw if you need a little more threat. Yelp into vent in panic to get your nuker to come help you.
Also - that's my 7th boss kill in Ulduar, and I am yet to get a tanking drop. Bah. Picked up a dps epic for my offspec set though - some gun or other...
Huge rush when we got him as ever. That's what raiding is all about...

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