Friday, 22 May 2009

He shouldn't have been so... headstrong

Who needs the RNG?

Logged on this evening to find an epic BoE shield from 25 man Ulduar in my mailbox. A gift from the 25 man raid team who nabbed it the previous night. This clearly proves that mates beat random loot any time, and I was genuinely touched that they'd thought of me.

With that great start I had a brilliant Ulduar raid. An amusing wipe on Leviathan, followed by a kill, then one-shots of Razor, XT and Kologarn, a single wipe on Council before a first kill, then some messing about on Auriaya before we got her too. Here's a screenshot of us post Kologarn. He'll never be head of a major corporation now...

I then (gasp) got my first Ulduar tanking drop - some shoulders from Kologarn. Really fun raid.

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