Monday, 22 December 2008


I am at heart a bit of a closet roleplayer. This is I admit one of the reasons I like playing a warrior so much, although it works pretty well for warlocks also. As an example, on my warlock alt I have a macro that goes

/cast summon succubus
/say Arise thou foul strumpet! I require thy service! Give heed!

and another that goes

/cast drain soul
/say Mwahahaha! Your soul is mine!

This is amusing for a while, and serves to wind people in your group up no end. To indulge my RP side on my warrior I have macroed a couple of /y commands to use after a boss kill in dungeons and raids.

/y Rex Aegyptus sum!

(from Robert Westall's book "The Cats of Seroster"), and

/y Who's fucking next?

(from the excellent "The Steel Remains" by Robert Morgan). I am trying to think of some others.

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