Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Feeling a bit happier today.

Ran VH again last night - much smoother and cleared it again without the shield being damaged. Picked up some rare gloves from the water guy, which is a fun fight, to replace the Daunted ones. We then ran CoT heroic for the daily. That involved about 9 deaths on my part, although none on bosses oddly enough. They were all to do with bad pulls - one where the dpsers were charging ahead to the next group and ran straight into them and wiped, one where the dragonkin spawn all round you, etc etc.

I think perhaps part of the reason I've been feeling discouraged about the whole tanking experience is that I'm quite a long way behind other guildies in terms of gear and experience. They talk blithely about farming heroics, whereas I haven't been to these places before and, while I am clearing them there is some difficulty. I hope that this will all be solved by a little gear and a lot of experience.

I think my tanking in general has improved since I started. I still really struggle when dps classes pull aggro (ie by nuking the wrong mob etc). When I have two elites with aggro on me, one of whom is a caster, and I have to run around grabbing aggro back or collecting incoming adds then I find it really challenging. I know the right thing is often to let the dpser die, to each them to be more careful about who they target, but it's hard to do that with friends.

Nevertheless, it's getting easier. VH again tonight, and maybe AN if I can find enough victims, erm, guildies I mean.

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