Saturday, 20 December 2008


A bit about me to start with.

I started playing Warcraft in mid-2005 and it has exerted a depressingly firm grip on my free time since then. I initially played dps classes - a mage in vanilla Warcraft, and a shadowpriest in the fiery hell of Outland. I enjoyed the caster dps role very much - the big numbers rolling round give me a warm fuzzy feeling, and certainly my fire mage had a huge "bang" factor. Nevertheless, I spent a great deal of time raid leading in Karazhan and Zul'Aman and, while one of my close friends is a very talented bear tank, I often struggled to fill the second tank slot. It also struck me how reliant a raid is on a skilled, geared and experienced main tank. Just prior to the launch of Wrath I was therefore inspired to roll a warrior, Everblue, and this I hope will be my story of MTing in Northrend.

I've got a family and a job, so remain assuredly a casual player, but have the excellent fortune to be a part of a raiding guild which achieved some success to date. I do have some raiding experience therefore - I was at our second ever Ragnaros kill and a few first kills in ZG, plus first kills of Tidewalker and Gorefiend pre nerf. My guild was the 5th Alliance guild on our server at the end of TBC, mainly due to our excellent GM and officer/classeader team, and some very good players.

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