Friday, 30 October 2009

The chill of the throne

I note that dodge is getting a nerf in Icecrown - a flat 20% reduction in avoidance. What will this mean for warrior tanks? It means another buff to block.

Ghostcrawler has said that he wants bosses to hit for sustained dps but in a series of smaller hits rather than a few large hits. Block (as is known) is much better against small hits than big hits, and as warriors we are the best blockers thanks to critical block - our blocks are less often than paladins, but with 10k blocks becoming a reality in ICC (I now routinely block for 8.5k in my normal tanking gear when raid buffed) warrior survivability is going to increase.

Just how marked this increase will be remains to be seen and is a function of the boss encounters. Nevertheless, this is a big buff for us.

Oh - and I frapsed our recent second kill of hard mode Northrend Beasts. I've been playing with the video over the last few days and it's now ready. I'll post it here when it's uploaded to my friend's server.


  1. On a side note ... doesn't this dodge nerf make the Icecrown trinket, that you've already written an excellent run-down on,

    ("Each time you dodge an attack, you gain 24 stamina for the next 10 sec, stacking up to 10 times.")

    even _less_ worthwhile?

  2. I couldn't agree more - they'll have to rethink it.

  3. I'm agreeing, block will be ftw.