Thursday, 20 January 2011

Farming Bastion of Twilight trash

I see a few bloggers saying that they are not "ready for raiding" yet.

My raid team is the guild's second team, and we have only just started raiding (two raids so far, Tol Barad boss and Magmaw down) but what we have been doing for a couple of weeks is farming trash in Bastion of Twilight. The trash is easy once you learn the pulls and have a couple of reliable cc-ers, and there is a very high chance of getting a BoE epic - we normally get one epic per run, but sometimes we've had two. We've had a couple of tanking swords, a couple of rogue ranged weapons and a druid tanking helm so far.

The best thing is that they are BoE - if no one in your raid wants them, stick them on the AH and use the money to buy an epic you do need!

Maybe something to consider if your guild is still gearing up for raiding.

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  1. We started farming Bastion trash 2 weeks ago when we were working on transitioning from a 10m to 25's. So far we've had:

    4 tanking swords
    4 agi trinkets
    1 staff
    2 tanking guns

    So thats both of our MT's MHs. a sword for our sometimes offtank. Trinkets for our 2 Enh shamans and our 1 combat rogue. A staff for our spriest. A gun for our warrior tank (which is hard to find) and the rest was sold off. Our guild bank has 50k in it just from these drops. This should fund our raid progression for a good chunk of Cata. So, in light of this -- if you aren't farming raid trash right now, start! Prices will go down. FYI as well, the raid trash can be reset if no bosses are down ;)