Sunday, 10 October 2010

End game


  1. Sweet, big grats, Everblue! I will probably work some more on the Ulduar drake til Cataclysm, my helmet goes off to everyone with an ICC drake.

  2. Thank you! I'd said to the guild that I wanted this to be our raid target back in July, but then with holidays etc it took a while to get started. I can't believe we made it in the end!

    The "big three" were PP heroic (such a well designed, brutal fight) Sindra heroic and the Sindra normal achievement. Sindra heroic in the end was fine - it took us I think 8 tries in total, whereas Sindra normal was a really fractious, grumpy argument of a raid which took about 20 tries. It's odd how these things work out.