Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New Fury macro for Cata

Might this work?

/cast slam
/cast victory rush

If you have either your slam proc or your victory rush proc available then it will use one of them. If victory rush works out to be a more powerful attack than slam maybe swap the order round in the macro.

Also - thinking about it - at present victory rush costs zero rage. This is necessary because it's an opener and you need to use it at the start of a fight when (you guessed it) you have zero rage. Does this mean that one of Fury's three main attacks in Cata will be resource-free? Or will they change the talent to allow victory rush in combat, but make it cost (say) 10 rage?


  1. Victory Rush, unless it changed, does the same as Bloodthirst.

  2. There was a quote from GC this morning saying that they've changed their mind on this and Fury will get a new attack that sychs with the new enrage mechanic. A good decision I think!

  3. The blue post is up on MMOChamp now, you have to scroll down to the Q n A section for warriors.