Tuesday, 9 February 2010


We had a 4% (300k) wipe on Putricide last night.


EDIT - We use the strategy where the boss is tanked next to the green ooze spawn point, and the melee stack there. This means that the melee do not have to run about, and you get much more dps time on the boss, plus splash damage (I was targeting the green add and cleaving, for example, to hit two targets).

About half the time the add will explode in the melee group, but with four of us stacked together it wasn't too bad (10-12k ish). We never lost a dps to the explosion, but occasionally I would have to burn a self heal (lifeblood, enraged regen or last stand). I tended to save shield block for the times when the green ooze was active, so that I would have high mitigation for those periods to take the strain off the two healers.

We got to P3 about 5 times out of 8 tries total. 3 of those times we had a bad transition which lead to a dead dpser. We had 2 really solid attempts - the first was the 300k wipe, the second I got clipped by the green ooze after taking an unblocked melee swing and a dot tick. 400 damage overkill. 13% wipe. Gutted.


  1. 400 damage overkill ! Fark man that's shitty.

  2. It hurt a lot. The worst part is that I will shortly be taking an enforced break from raiding, and I probably won't get him down before then.