Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blue Thunder

A Thorim first kill on Tuesday.

[A short pause while Everblue hugs himself happily]

I'm getting more and more pleased with progress on the Keepers - we had one shots of Freya and Hodir, followed by our first two tries ever on Thorim.

The first try failed badly because of a misunderstanding about who was going into the tunnel, leaving us with only 2 dpsers in there instead of 3. We ended up with me and one healer trying to fight the second boss and 3 adds... Still though - the mobs go down very fast indeed and I was feeling really confident the second time. Sure enough we burned through the gauntlet on attempt 2, having to wait outside the final room to avoid entering hard mode.

We tanked the boss against the back wall of the arena and it seemed like tank and spank from where I was, but perhaps there was more going on behind the boss where I couldn't see. I dropped dangerously low towards the end, so low that I was probably saved by my blood draining enchant (I had about 500hp for several seconds - we'd lost two healers by that point, I was out of cooldowns and our druid could only just keep up with the damage output on me).

The boss completed my wonderful evening by dropping the funny shaped tanking mace which is an upgrade over the sword dropped by Kologarn, and the last EoValor I needed to by the ilevel 213 Emblem boots.


  1. Brace for Mimiron! He's actually a really fun boss, that has you doing all sorts of different stuff in the phases.