Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Night Watch

We've been in a bit of a rut in Ulduar recently. I haven't been able to raid that much, but we (I mean my raid team, whether or not I am there) have been able to clear up to the watchers, but we haven't had enough time for a decent run of attempts at one boss to learn them. So the odd watcher kill has happened, but it hasn't been regular and occasionally there has been a bit of frustration.

The bad feeling has kind of been building up, and recently a couple of people have said they want to take a back seat from raiding for a bit, so on Friday we cleared the easy bosses to Hodir, had a few goes on him but didn't down him. A really nice raid, but some teeth grinding moments at the end. Masses of pressure on tonight, and due to withdrawals we have a couple of alts along. I've been really nervous all day...

...but in the end it was one of those raids you dream of - a really great bunch of people, a fun atmosphere, the obligatory comedy wipe (caused by me tanking my mob on a trash pull in Freya in the path of a patrol), and success - Hodir and Freya down, the occasionally-troublesome Council despatched, and a relaxed Razor kill where the vrykul adds were on some kind of works outing and declined to appear. I think we can really push on with this and get to the next level. I would like solid watcher kills every night, so that when 2 week lockouts hit in 3.2 we can really start think about full clears.

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